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Beginning Nursery or Primary 1 in September 2022


Beginning School in September 2022 - Nursery and Primary 1?


Application forms for places in Nursery and Primary 1 in September 2022 will be available shortly.


The online application process will open at 12 noon on Monday 10 January.


Applications will close at 12 noon on Friday 28 January 2022.

Please note this closing time and date are very important.


Places are allocated on the basis of Nursery and Primary 1 admissions criteria published by the Education Authority. These admissions criteria are on our school website from today. 


We have 52 Nursery places here in Primate Dixon.


26 places are full-time, 26 places are part-time - however, all our Nursery children are welcome to stay for the full Nursery day.


If you would like a place for your child in Primate Dixon Nursery, it is really important to state Primate Dixon as first preference for full-time and second preference for part-time on your application form. If parents need any advice or support completing Nursery applications, they are very welcome to contact us here at the school. 028 8774 6044. 


We have 84 places for Primary 1 children.


If parents have any questions at all about admissions criteria, the Open Enrolment process or would like any other information about Primate Dixon PS, please be sure to contact us here at the school.