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Primate Dixon Charities Day 2018

Primate Dixon Annual ‘Wear Your Jeans’ Charities Day will take place on Wednesday, 7 March 2018.


If you would like to nominate any charity for support that has been close to you or your family for any reason, please contact us here at Primate Dixon by Tuesday, 27 February.


Please ask for Anne Mitchell when you contact us, 028 87746044 or email at Your nomination will be welcome!


We will be supporting three charities drawn from nominations that we receive.


This year’s event will be Primate Dixon’s fifteenth Annual Charities Day.


The long list of charities supported have included Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Trócaire, Motor Neurone Disease, Heartbeat, Make a Wish Foundation, Lilac Group, Chest, Heart and Stroke Association, St Vincent de Paul, Children with Leukaemia, McMillan Cancer Nurses, May Ball Cancer Support, ERB's Palsy Group, CRUSE Bereavement, Southern Hospice, Children's Liver Disease, Speech Matters (Stroke Association), Cancer Fund for Children, Leap for Luke (Muscular Dystrophy), RAMS (Multiple Sclerosis), the Cormac Trust (Heart Disease), City Hospital Cancer Centre, the Simon Community, SANDS (Sudden Infant Death), the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust, the Brain Tumour Charity, Mary's Meals and Action for Mental Health.


All of these groups do so very important work here in our community and far beyond. They have been so deserving of sup[port.


The total raised up to this year is £46 510.

This year we will be very close to or even top £50 000.


We are very grateful for the support given on Charities Day each year - please remember, your nomination is welcome!