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Every child is welcome! Every Child belongs!

Every child is more than good enough!

Welcome Back to Every Girl and Boy for the Beginning of the New School Year 2018/119! The note below is from our first Weekly Staff Note of this year.


Welcome back again to everyone for the beginning of this new school year, 2018/19.


A new school year with new beginnings for all of us here in Primate Dixon, staff, parents and, most especially, our 513 children.


This is such an important time for them and a huge marker in each of their lives whether just setting out on a path in school in Nursery or P1 all the way through the years to our 77 P7’s.


Over the past few weeks and days especially we know we know the conversations that have been had with them, what class are you going into this year, who is your new teacher, what do you want to be when you grow up and, for P7 children, where would you like to be going next year. Every one of these questions bring hopes and anticipation – but they also bring anxieties, both small and far from small.


We have been planning, getting rooms organised, names on exercise books and resources and equipment ready for the new year. And, at home, pristine uniforms, trainers and shoes, pencil cases filled with shiny and sharp things sit waiting and ready for the days ahead.


There is no greater investment of faith and trust and hope that parents make than in entrusting the children they love so much to their school every morning – and them with all their bits for the day.


And we aim in Primate Dixon always to repay that trust in the welcome, in the safety and belonging, in all the activities and all the learning and growing that take place here for every one every day.


Our classroom doors proclaim welcome to children that in our rooms we do great things together.


We stay mindful that a key, key part of our role is to knock down any barriers to taking part – and finance can be one of the greatest hurdles. We stay committed that all activities that take place here in school are always free of charge. And beyond, we work to ensure that no child is ever not able to take part in any activity for financial reasons.


Budgets are so hurting schools at this time but this can never restrict school’s optimism.

The children of our schools are all our futures – they deserve always chances and opportunities with every day a new day and with more chances and opportunities.


So budget difficulties or not, we will always stay optimistic and remain a ‘can do’ school for all.


Thank you again to every adult in our school, in certain anticipation, for the great good you will do for the children of Primate Dixon in this year to come.