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Roald Dahl - A Special Primate Dixon Connection

There are many, many wonderful authors of children's fiction. But perhaps the most famous of all is Roald Dahl. And his books, though loved especially by children, appeal to all ages. For so many people, he is the reason they grew to love reading. He imagined and made real many fabulous characters, the BFG, Matilda, George (of Marvellous Medicine fame), Willy Wonka, Charlie and many, many others. He created a whole new language - scrumdiddlyumptious, humplecrimp, phizz-whizzing, frobscottle, whangdoodle, whiffswiddle, grobblesquirt and around 500 more very special words.


The centenary of Roald Dahl's birth was celebrated on 13 September 2016.


Shortly before that time we had a very, very special discovery here in Primate Dixon Primary School. An old and tattered envelope was found in a desk that was falling apart and was being thrown out. It was so lucky that the envelope was checked and the magic that was in it revealed. Every child and adult in our school community loves what was discovered and are so proud of the very special connection to our school!


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The BBC came along to the school and reported this story - it spread world wide with reactions from many, many countries! Have a look

Roald Dahl & Primate Dixon - A Very Special Connection

Master Jim Maye and his class in 1988.

The BBC visited Primate Dixon and reported on the school's connection to Roald Dahl. Reactions came from all over the world with this report having been viewed over 40 000 times!

Have a look