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Lesson 11 Irish dictionary (Foclóir)

Dia daoibh,  In a few weeks I will send a template for an Irish dictionary (Foclóir).  This will be an Irish only book that will hopefully grow with us.  


Here are a few classroom words we can use to get us prepared for our Foclóir.



KS 1 

Peann luaidhe ( pencil)

Peann (pen)
Siosúr (scissors)
Biorór (sharpener)
Scriosán (rubber)

Here are 5 more for those who would like to try a bit more;

Rialóir (ruler)
Clár bán ( whiteboard)
Bosca Lóin (lunch bag)
Mála scoile (school bag)
Crián (crayon)


Damian has kindly recorded the translation for you all.