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Every child is welcome! Every Child belongs!

Every child is more than good enough!


Welcome to Primate Dixon Primary School


Hello and Welcome to the Primate Dixon!


On our school website, we hope to give you a flavour of the Primate Dixon family and the many, many activities that take place here in school every day and throughout every year.


It will only be a flavour – so much happens in our school every day and so much changes so quickly as we work to give every child every opportunity and chance they deserve.


With over 100 years in service to its parish community and beyond, this school aim always to meet the needs of all families and children who come to our doors.


Our school mission and values are so, so important to us.


We believe passionately that ‘Every Child Is More Than Good Enough’ and that every child deserves every opportunity, every day to be the very best they can be.

Primate Dixon belongs to us all – nearly 600 children and adults.


When your child enrols in Primate Dixon, it becomes immediately theirs and yours.

It is most important to us that your child feels safe, comfortable and welcome each day in their school.


We have brilliant facilities and spaces in Primate Dixon; spacious, well-equipped classrooms with state-of-the-art ICT, a hall that is the envy of many post-primary schools, our quad playground and backyard and two great football fields.


We hope you find this website interesting and informative.


But, it is only a snapshot of provision, activities and life in the Primate Dixon.

If there is any other information you’d like, please be sure to contact us.


And if you would like to come along and view the school, again just contact us a 028 8774 6044.

You and your child will be welcome in Primate Dixon!


Seán Dillon


Principal - Primate Dixon PS