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Lesson 5 Dinner or lunch?

Dia dhaoibh,  This week we are going to try a little conversation in class.


Some of our children are asking for lunch or dinner in Irish.


We could start with;

Dinner or Lunch                  Lón        Dinnéar


The next step would be to add please ( le do thoil)


  • Dinner or lunch please

  Lón le do thoil  (Loan le do hull)


   Dinnéar le do thoil  (Jin-yer le do hull)



To take it even further;


What would you like today?

Cad é ba mhaith leat inniu?    (Ca jay ba why lat in-you)



  • I would like dinner or lunch please.

        Ba mhaith liom.…..le do thoil  (Ba why liom……le do hull)




Some children are also asking for their fruit in Irish.


Oráiste - Orange


Banana- Banana



Úll - Apple


tósta- Toast


Again, we can say just the noun or make it into a sentence.


Attached is the Irish translation and I have saved all in Staff Folder.  Staff-Irish- phrases.


The Tyrone website  has some useful Classroom Phrases  if anyone wishes to use them .